Login Troubleshooting

Tips for Logging In

  • You must use the user name exactly as provided by your company.
  • Symbols are not accepted.
  • Do not use the space bar at the beginning or end of your login or password.
  • Do not use the Enter key at the beginning or end of your login or password.

Web Requirements

  • Internet Explorer and/or Firefox and/or Safari provide the most effective functioning.
  • Security options should be set at Medium.
  • Because of the technology used within this site, pop-up blockers will block you from logging in. Please turn off your pop-up blockers.
  • Due to the richness of this site, if high-speed internet is not used, the site will be so slow that the site may “time-out” before it is totally loaded.
  • Firewalls may cause you to experience a page error or the site loading page to “hang” or appear non-responsive when you log in.

If you are experiencing login difficulties, please change your settings according to the above web requirements and login again. If you still experience problems, try the following "Troubleshooting Steps" for the most commonly encountered access problems.

Troubleshooting Steps

Issue: When logging in, you receive an ERROR message or the page doesn't change.

Check login to ensure that you have not entered incorrect login information or added symbols or spaces.

Check status of pop-up blocker; turn off pop-up blocker. Retype user name and password.

Issue: You are able to log-in but the “Please wait while site loads….” message at the top of the browser turns to a blank screen.

If the message goes away and the screen is blank/white — HIT the REFRESH button within the web browser (at the top — it looks like a piece of paper with green recycling arrows).

If accessing from your work computer, make sure your company’s IT department has “white-listed”/“approved” http://www.advantageworklife.com/ as an “acceptable” website to go through your company firewalls and other security applications.

Issue: When you click on items in the top or right navigation columns in the Work & Life section, nothing happens OR only the middle of home page/Monthly Features are showing.

This indicates you were trying to access the site without logging in for your new session. You may have previously bookmarked the site as a “Favorite” OR your company has a link on your company intranet that they put up without getting an official link from VITAL WorkLife.

Internal Explanation for Company Contact: Due to reporting criteria, VITAL WorkLife has added “secret” programming into the link so that it can NOT be bookmarked or pulled as a pass-thru for intranets. If it’s an individual user, please have them bookmark the login page only and remind them to login each time. This will ensure fully functioning site access. If it is the client company intranet issue, please request an “official” pass-thru link from VITAL WorkLife to provide to your IT department.

Issue: You cannot “see” particular content such as a such as new article or promoted area such as “Health & Wellness” or “Skillbuilders” mentioned in a monthly promotion.

This indicates a “cookie” or “cache” issue either in your individual computer or if viewing via a work system, at the server level for your company.

To resolve, you should first try to “clear your cache.” To do this in Internet Explorer follow the steps below (other web browsers will have a different process that you will need to locate but all browsers have the ability to “clear the cache”):

  1. Go to Tools (in Internet Explorer 6 or 7 only).
  2. Click on Internet Options.
  3. When the box appears, in the middle it says “Temporary Internet Files”.
  4. Click on “Delete Cookies” — it could take several minutes while deleting. Once the cursor changes back to an arrow, Click on “Delete Files”.
  5. Once the cursor changes back to an arrow, go to next section in box called "History" — Where is says “Days to keep pages in history” — change the number seen to be the number zero (0).
  6. Click on “APPLY” at the bottom of the box, then click “OK”.
  7. Close the entire internet window, open it again and re-login to the site.

If clearing the cache at the individual user level has not worked and you are on a work system, your IT department may need to clear cookies or cache from your web server. You should try to access our website from a different computer (such as from home) to see if you are experiencing the same issue. If it works from home, then it is the company's web server. VITAL WorkLife is available to work with your company's IT department to problem-solve any issues. Your IT department may need to clear their cache/cookies on their web servers. (This is very rare but is has happened.)

If access is denied, contact VITAL WorkLife and they can walk through the process by accessing the website exactly as the client, typing in the same username and password. They may ask you to write down the error message or make a screen shot of the error page and send that error page to them via e-mail or fax. Please be ready to provide the following information for us to assist with further diagnosing your website access issues along with a phone number where you can be reached:

  • How you accessed the website (including website addresses and logins used).
  • What type of web browser was used (e.g., Internet Explorer; Firefox; Safari).
  • What type of computer was used (PC or Mac).
  • Was it a work or a home computer? If at work, was it tried from home with the same results or did it work correctly?
  • What type of operating system is on the computer (Windows, Vista, etc.).
  • What type of internet connection was used (cable, work — T1; DSL, etc.).
  • Exact wording/screen shot of any error messages received.
  • Description of the issue encountered.
  • Contact information for the customer experiencing the issue.