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Becoming an consultant

Why VITAL WorkLife?

An enormous advantage of working with VITAL WorkLife is that we don’t make people jump through hoops to get an appointment. On the first request for help, we immediately work with clients to set up an appointment. This allows you to get right to work helping clients resolve whatever issue they called about without first having to deal with any frustration about how they were treated by their EAP provider. Additionally, we’ve succeeded in limiting the paperwork for consultant completion.

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If you would like to become an consultant provider for VITAL WorkLife please contact us and tell us more about your background and interests. We'll contact you to get more information if appropriate.

Once you register, you’re eligible to receive referrals from us in the specialization area where help is needed. You’ll also receive a login that provides free access to a host of web resources and links that will make assisting VITAL WorkLife clients easier and more productive.